1. Product Description Brand
    NextEngine 3D Scanner
    The NextEngine 3D Scanner captures objects in full color with multi-laser precision. Breakthrough technology has made it the World's most popular 3D Scanner
    Stratasys 3D Printer
    Print 3D models that hold up under pressure. All Dimension 3D Printers use ABSplus, a production-grade thermoplastic that gives your models the ability to perform just like production parts.
    Stratasys Mojo™ 3D Printer
    The Mojo™ 3D Printer brings affordable, professional 3D printing to your design process. Powered by proven Stratasys® FDM® (Fused Deposition Modeling™) technology, it’s the 3D printing technology you can trust to empower your design creativity.
    Stratasys uPrintSE SEPlus 3DPrintPack
    uPrint SE™ 3D Printers are powered by Stratasys’ patented FDM® (Fused Deposition Modeling™) technology. It’s the 3D printer on which thousands of design engineers test their designs.
    ScanStudio HD PRO
    ScanStudio HD PRO Delivers 2X scan speed, 4X raw point data, and offers Large Object (23” x 17”) mode.
    ScanStudio CAD TOOLS™
    ScanStudio CAD TOOLS™ State-of-the-art Points-to-CAD engineering tool. Build solid models with feature trees.
    RapidWorks Points-to-NURBS solution. Adds surfacing and spline output to speed CAD modeling.
    QA-Scan provides easy-to-use tools for precisely comparing 3D scans with CAD models. Made for high volume applications.