1. Product Description Brand
    KL-900A Basic Communication System
    offers experiment for fundamental-level topics of a telecommunication course. It enables the student to acquire a clear experimental view of the basic concepts and, further.
    KL-900B Analog Communication System
    discloses the secret of the walky-talky based on the 144MHz VHF band. It breaks the circuit of walky-talky into 4 blocks : receiver block, transmitter block, audio amplifier block and microphone amplifier block.
    KL-900C AM/FM/ASK/FSK Transmitter & Receiver System
    Transmitter and Receiver System is a comprehensive and self-contained system suitable for carrying out AM/ASK and FM/FSK transmission experiments. The complete system contains KL-900C1 and KL-900C2, eight separate modules.
    KL-900D Fiber-Optic Transmission Training System
    Fiber-Optic communication is one of the most popular technologies in the modern days due to its high transfer speed and large capacity. KL-900D uses fiber optic as a transmission media for the whole experiment.
    KL-910 Advanced Communication System
    is a modular trainer with various advanced communication experiments, including digital encoding/decoding, modulation/demodulation and related multiplexing techniques.
    KL-920 Advanced Digital Communication System
    is implemented with high speed MCU, DSP and high flexible FPGA devices, giving students more opportunities to setup and observe digital data signals at each transmission stage.