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    Asphalt Lab Equipment

    The main engineering use of bituminous materials is for road construction, with the material consisting primarily of two ingredients: aggregate and binder. The term Asphalt is simply one of two generic names used to classify or describe bituminous mixtures; the other being Macadam. In the USA the term Asphalt denotes what in the UK is known as Bitumen.
    Aggregates Lab Equipment

    Aggregates comprise a significant proportion of all materials used in the many different construction processes, so it is important to determine the properties of different types of aggregates through effective testing and measurement. The required properties will vary from project to project, for example, resistance to polishing will be unimportant in a pavement base course.
    Cement Lab Equipment

    Today, cement is manufactured by a chemical process with raw materials being crushed, ground and blended before being heated in a rotary kiln until they combine chemically. The clinker from the kiln is then ground with gypsum to form Portland cement. Our cement testing systems provide efficient and reliable methods of measuring all of the key criteria to ensure consistent, high quality cement manufacture.
    Concrete Lab Equipment

    Concrete is perhaps the most versatile of all construction materials. In its freshly mixed condition it can be poured, pumped and moulded into a variety of forms and shapes, while in its hardened state it can be used for many construction purposes. The quality of concrete is crucial if structures are to be safe and serve the purpose for which they were designed. Our concrete testing equipment gives you the ability to measure and prove the quality of each batch of material
    Lab Equipment

    The available capacities and performance of ELE load rings satisfy the requirements for accurate load measurement for a wide range of testing applications. The repeatability and accuracy of all clamped boss rings comply with the requirements of NIS 0415 Accreditation for the Calibration of Force Measuring Rings and Load Cells used in Soil Testing. The repeatability of all load rings is within 0.2% of indicated load and accuracy is ±1% of indicated load over the upper 80% of the working range, at the calibration loads.
    Rocks Lab Equipment

    Rock mechanics is the theoretical and applied science of the mechanical behaviour of rock; in particular the response of rock to changes in stress distribution, both below and adjacent to a structure or excavation. Carrying out complex and expensive in-situ tests to determine rock engineering parameters is generally uneconomical in all but the largest construction projects.
    Soil Lab Equipment

    ELE has been at the forefront of soils testing technology for around 50 years and has worked closely with customers and independent Standards organisations to develop and prove testing procedures that are now recognised both nationally and internationally. Our soils testing equipment is used every day by universities, laboratories and site engineers around the world, providing accurate, consistent and reliable data