1. Product Description
    cabling Cabling
    Cable is the medium through which information usually moves from one network device to another. There are several types of cable which are commonly used with LANs. In some cases, a network will utilize only one type of cable, other networks will use a variety of cable types.
    Network Devices Network Devices
    Network devices are components used to connect computers or other electronic devices together so that they can share files or resources like printers or fax machines. Devices used to setup a Local Area Network (LAN) are the most common type of network devices used by the public.
      Alcatel-Lucent Switches          Alcatel-Lucent Routing
      Cisco Switches                        Cisco Routing
    Network Security Software

    consists of the provisions and policies adopted by a network administrator to prevent and monitor unauthorized access, misuse, modification, or denial of a computer network and network-accessible resources.
      OMNIVIST For Alcatel-Lucent