1. Nanotehnology
  1. Product Description Brand
    Nanosurf FluidFM
    A Unique New Tool for Single Cell and Small Object Micro-Manipulation, Imaging and Beyond
      Nanofluidics combined with the positional accuracy and measurement capabilities of the FlexAFM
      Specialized hollow cantilevers for a multitude of new experimental possibilities
    Nanosurf LensAFM
    Enhance Your Optical Microscope or Profilometer
      Use the LensAFM instead of a regular lens objective to add the power of atomic force microscopy to your optical microscope or profilometer
      Easy fitting and positioning, automated AFM approach, and quality images — intuitive handling all the way!
    Nanosurf FlexAFM
    Flexible Research Atomic Force Microscope for Materials and Life Science
      Speed, Linearity, Flatness
      Measurements in air and in liquid
    Nanosurf NaniteAFM
    Mountable Atomic Force Microscope for Industrys
      Reliable and fully automated AFM surface inspections
      High-resolution 3D surface data dramatically improve the quality of your QC
    Nanosurf Easyscan 2
    Modular SPM System for Education and Science
      STM for an easy entry into the world of atoms
      AFM for surface analysis, from teaching to research