1. Osos technologies is a leading provider of technology solutions in Egypt and the Middle East. We are one of the leading Companies in Egypt in the fields of ICT, Language Labs, Interactive Learning, Audio/Video Conferencing, Engineering Training Labs and Educational Technology; representing many outstanding technology manufactures. Our primary clients are governmental and educational institutions, research centers, multinational companies, banks, hotels, hospitals, medical and scientific companies.

    Osos technologies is inviting highly competent, ambitious, and motivated candidates with proven practical experience to join its team and be part of its success.

    You are kindly requested to perform the below steps:

    1- Examine the vacancies available at Osos technologies and their required qualifications click here

    2- Perform our Psychometric Assessment click here

    2- Fill in our job application form click here

    4- Send both documents (Psychometric Assessment & Job Application Form) to sales@osostech.com and we will contact you to schedule for an interview if your qualifications meet our requirements.